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Unpacking NATPE Global 2024 with team allrites

Recently, team allrites jumped into the world of television at NATPE Global 2024 in Miami. Surrounded by fellow industry enthusiasts, we soaked up the latest buzz and trends shaping the future of media and entertainment.

Here, we share some of the standout observations we gathered, along with our own expert take on what it all means for this ever-evolving industry.

Unpacking NATPE Global 2024 with team allrites - Nik Bars

FAST Channels: Finding the Right Mix

NATPE Global Observations:

At NATPE Global 2024, everyone was buzzing about FAST channels in the world of online streaming. It's like everyone's trying to figure out how many channels are just right. They compared it to picking out magazines for a stand, saying you've got to be picky to keep viewers interested and not overwhelmed.


FAST channels are really heating up with so many players jumping into the game. It's interesting because most of the viewers tuning into these channels are young millennials and Gen Z, even though they don't always have a lot of spending money. Still, advertisers are all over them, trying to get their attention.

But here's the kicker: not all FAST channels are created equal when it comes to ads. You've got your top dogs like news networks snagging the best advertisers, while others are just bundling up commercials and selling them off in bulk. This creates a big gap in how much they can charge for ads, known as CPM rates.

Niche Programming: Building a Fanbase

NATPE Global Observations:

Some big shots from Shout, Cineverse, and Vizio talked about how niche programming is where it's at. Channels focusing on specific stuff like horror or anime aren't just about shows—they're like hangout spots for fans. It's a smart move that not only keeps viewers coming back but also creates a tight-knit community.


niche channels have their own little fan clubs, but a lot of channel operators forget about the power of good marketing. Unlike the big studios with their fancy promotions, smaller players have to get creative to stand out. That's where guerrilla marketing and teaming up with social media influencers come into play.

Frankly speaking, it's tough out there for the little players. So, we've got a couple of suggestions to help them out. First off, if you've got some killer content, why not shout about it with the help of some social media stars? And if your content isn't stepping on any big network toes, why not team up and create something awesome together? It's all about getting noticed in the big, wide world of FAST channels.

Unpacking NATPE Global 2024 with team allrites - Sam Harowitz

Tubi's Viewer Trends: All About VOD

Tubi spilled the beans on what viewers really want. Despite the flood of FAST channels, it turns out most folks prefer to pick their movies and shows from a big library - Video on Demand (VOD). Even though they might find something cool on a FAST channel, they usually end up choosing from the VOD library.

Optimism in the Face of Change

With FAST channels changing the game and how content gets paid for, people at the "New Year, New Path" panel were cautiously optimistic. They talked about being flexible and open to new ideas because not everything's going to be a hit right away. It's all about staying resilient and rolling with the punches in this fast-paced industry.

Unpacking NATPE Global 2024 with team allrites - New Year, New Path

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