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Content-as-a-Service: Film & TV licensing, the rite way. 

Are you...

Buying Content

Looking for a solution to help launch, expand and maximise your content platforms.

Selling Content

Looking to cost effectively maximise the revenue opportunity for your content.

Grow your channels, on your terms

Traditional content acqusition pricing models and licensing terms are antiquated, pricey and inflexible. CaaS, puts you in control: One contract, a low monthly fee, instant access to thousands of hours of content and ability to dynamiclly optimise your library to match your audience, minus the multi-year licensing deals.

Effortless Setup

One contract, the titles you want delivered overnight and a team of experts on hand.

Cost Effective

Pay per hour pricing, 1/10th the setup cost of traditional models, low monthly fees.

Built To Flex

Ability to fluidly optimise your content based around modern viewer habits.


works for Buyers

Hard working content, without the hard work

With complex overly long licensing deals and shackled distribution, its little wonder 90% of content fails to meet its revenue potential. CaaS immediately puts your content to work, maximising its opportunity, through global networks, data-led optimisation and expert guidance. Minus the contracts, the fuss and the laborious setup.

Passive Monetisation

Your content earns you money, each and everyday, even when you sleep.

Fully Managed

Money for nothing. Literally. Sit back, let our team of experts make your content famous.

Global Reach

Access to global buyers, from established broadcasters to emerging platforms.


works for Sellers

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