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allrites' ritestream signs deal to issue NFTs for new Hollywood heist movie

allrites' ritestream signs deal to issue NFTs for new Hollywood heist movie

As global NFT sales hit $25 billion last year, the spectacle of non-fungible tokens is revolutionizing the film industry. Every day, customers can become film financiers by acquiring a share in a film or series through pre-sale NFTs.

Today, the films' characters of Ian, played by Alex Høgh Andersen (Vikings), Javier, played by Darko Peric (Money Heist) and Elin played by Alex Essoe (Doctor Sleep) have agreed to be released as NFTs. The upcoming film, in collaboration with Samizdat Pictures, charts the fictional escape to freedom of John McAfee, after his imprisonment in Spain. Filming in Barcelona in April, the movie will be shopped to buyers at Cannes International Film Festival in May, before its widespread release.

Riaz Mehta, founder and CEO of ritestream, comments: "This deal signifies an awesome moment in history where we will give fans the opportunity to own a piece of the movie as an NFT even before its release. "Riaz continues: "John McAfee is an icon amongst the crypto community and with NFTs booming in popularity, I believe the NFT's from Stealing McCloud will become a treasured collectible for any NFT aficionado. This partnership marks the beginning of a string of amazing film and TV projects that we are bringing to the ritestream platform and connecting fans with their favorite content."

About ritestream NFTs

ritestream is the platform for the creation and monetization of film and TV NFTs from allrites, the global marketplace. As a curated filmverse in Web3, it acts as a launchpad for film and TV content. The ritestream ecosystem encompasses an existing content marketplace for global film, TV, and live sports rights that provides streaming platforms flexible access to thousands of hours of content at a low monthly subscription fee. The ritestream launchpad provides creators with a revolutionary platform to fund, monetize and distribute content leveraging the technology of NFTs. The ritestream app provides a distribution mechanism for consumers to watch and interact with content, in addition to supporting their favorite celebrities and actors by purchasing limited edition NFTs. The entire ecosystem is fuelled by RITE coin, a native token used to invest in independent film projects, purchase NFTs and watch content. Consumers can earn RITE coins by rating content on the ritestream app.

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