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“That Got Me Thinking, There's Got To Be A Better Way...”

Meet allrites CEO Riaz Mehta and learn how we’ve directly addressed antiquated licensing models to deliver profit in a few short years and whats in store for the future of allrites.




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Via business combination with Aura Fat Projects Acquisition Corp, Allrites plans to go public.  Further information on this new venture can be found via our investor deck and SEC Filing, below.

  • What is allrites?
    Allrites is a leading global Content as a Service (“CaaS”) provider with 7,000 registered users, providing a B2B one-stop-shop, content marketplace to buy and sell the best of global film, TV & Sports rights and holding rights to more than 140,000 hours of diverse content. Allrites accepts and licenses content in any language, genre, format, and year of production. Film, television, animation, documentary, and recorded live performances from major studios, independent producers, and production companies worldwide.
  • When was allrites founded?
    Allrites was founded in 2017 and has since quickly grown to become a trusted and established marketplace in the global content industry.
  • Where is allrites headquartered?
    Like our customers, the allrites’ team members are located worldwide with global expertise, and is headquartered in Singapore. Our global presence allows us to service our clients and partners worldwide effectively.
  • What is the mission of allrites?
    Allrites enables content buyers to license content, continuously update selections without high upfront costs, and transform into a data-driven business. Allrites is focused on making the buying and selling of content extremely flexible, adaptable, and customizable to match today’s demands;, we believe purchasing and managing content should be as agile as the current consumer demand. 
  • How does the allrites process of buying and selling content aid the transactional process?
    Allrites uses cutting-edge technology to scale content distribution by removing the friction introduced through manual processes and introducing an innovative content licensing model that addresses and eliminates the historical core pain points of buyers and sellers in the ecosystem. Allrites is disrupting what is currently a long and painful process for producers and distributors, solving a pain point with their sales efforts. With Allrites’ CaaS technology, content creators and studios can sell and monetize film and TV content and generate recurring revenues in less time and with greater ease.
  • What is the key revenue driver for allrites?
    Allrites generates revenue through transaction fees on successful content licensing deals through our platform. We also offer additional services, such as content curation and marketing, which can generate supplementary revenue streams.
  • Where does allrites conduct its business?
    Allrites operates in all major global markets, with a significant pipeline, and more than half its revenue generated in the US.
  • Is allrites a publicly listed company?
    Allrites is not publicly listed. However, it is currently on a path towards becoming publicly listed following its May 8, 2023 execution of a definitive Business Combination Agreement with Aura Fat Projects Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: AFAR) which is expected to close in the second half of 2023. Upon completion, Allrites will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of AFAR and is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq Global Market.
  • How do I track SEC filings associated with the de-SPAC transaction?
    Since Aura Fat Projects Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: AFAR) is the current publicly traded entity, you can track and access the associated transaction filings by accessing the SEC here and searching under the symbol “AFAR.”
  • Why is allrites looking to become public?
    The de-SPAC transaction will provide Allrites with transaction proceeds to accelerate growth and fund cutting-edge technology development for artificial intelligence (“AI”) and machine learning-driven content curation, rights management, self-service, and automated recommendations. Allrites growth is intended to capture a greater portion of the total addressable market (“TAM”) for film and TV content distribution estimated to reach $271.2 billion by 2025 according to PwC’s Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2021-2025 and US$3.0 trillion in revenues by 2026, according to PwC’s report, Perspectives from the Global Entertainment & Media Outlook 2022–2026.
  • I have questions about the de-SPAC process. Where should they be directed?
    All questions regarding the process to go public via SPAC and the transaction with AFAR can be directed to our IR contact at
  • How can I access press releases issued by allrites? You can access press releases issued by allrites here.
    Where can I find allrites’ most recent investor presentation? Allrites’ most recent investor presentation can be accessed here.
  • How can investors receive more information about allrites?
    Investors can find detailed information about allrites, including financial reports, investor presentations, and news updates, via our Investor Relations website. Additionally, investors can contact our IR contact at

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