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Protect Your Content


Store your Masters within the allrites ecosystem, our delivery system is secure, safe and fast, specially designed for media producers and content rights owners. allrites’ storage and delivery supports 4k & UHD content and is flexible to meet your needs. Subscription plans are scalable to meet the amount of content space you need, no price tiers or hidden charges.

Convenient Content Marketplace


Gone are the days of physically connecting with Broadcasters and the process of exchanging files and copyright info. All content files are quality assured and delivered by allrites with 100% transparency. Media files are seamlessly delivered and accessed right when the broadcaster needs the. Exchanges are also guided by global legally binding contracts which protects you and your intellectual property.

Extended Promotion


allrites supports local video makers by providing a platform to help them be discovered by international media buyers. Providing access to your contents synopsis, trailers, episodes, you can also self-promote your content to thousands of media-hunters online. Uploading your content will give you an opportunity to shine, and potentially make more money with your stored content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is allrites?

Asia’s leading marketplace to discover, buy and sell Film, TV and Sports content rights. We enable content licensing distribution on a global scale; 24/7, 365 days of the year.

What is allrites’ Cloud Storage?

Aside from being a media content marketplace, allrites offers specialised cloud storage for the media industry. By securing your content, you are also getting the additional opportunity to be screened by media buyers all over the globe.

Can I cancel anytime I want?

Yes. allrites do not require any hidden commitments or contracts. You can easily cancel your account subscription without any cancellation fees.

Is there any cost in accessing the content marketplace?

No. You can opt in to have your content on viewable on the marketplace for free at any time.the subscription is just for the content storage and delivery. The access to the content buying and selling marketplace is without charge.

Are there any hidden costs in joining allrites Storage and Delivery?

No. Only after your free trial, you will be paying for the storage and delivery usage. If you maxed the storage, we are able to upgrade you to the right tier price based on the amount of space and delivery data you need.

Is my content rights safe with allrites?

Yes. Uploading your content is safe and secure, the content previews are protected by industry DRM and buyers will not acquire your rights without your intention to sell.

Will I be negotiating with allrites on content buying/selling?

No. allrites will serve as a marketplace for buyers and sellers to explore a broad media library. allrites take a small, transparent transaction fee upon successful sale.

Need more than 1 TB?
We will automatically upgrade you to the right tier based on the amount of content you upload.